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Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marin

I provide coaching and educational therapy tailored for neurodiverse learners in elementary and middle school. Empowering kids during the formative years establishes a solid foundation, facilitating a smoother transition to high school.


With over a decade of combined experience directing high school support programs at San Francisco independent schools (Drew and Jewish Community High School), I bring proven expertise and relatability in empowering motivated teens to get organized, build skills, and boost productivity so they feel less stressed and more in control.  

Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marin

Academic & Executive Function Skills

Writing:  My light-hearted, tech-focused approach enables students to break free from patterns of writing-related stress and avoidance.

Math: I specialize in establishing foundational skills through a blend of hands-on activities, virtual manipulatives, and digital resources.

Sustaining attention:  The Learning Lab is a space where students practice sustaining attention for longer periods 

-with helpful materials, large screens, and support.


Completion: I guide students to grasp the importance of true completion, showing them what it entails and that with focus and helpful tools, it's within reach.

Task initiation: I coach students how to begin activities more promptly, manage time, and overcome procrastination. 

Challenging limiting beliefs:  With coaching, kids can pivot mindsets to see things from a perspective that is more dynamic, positive and motivating.

Keeping cool: When children feel more in control, intense emotions recede, encouraging engagement and motivation.

Processing speed and motor skills: I guide students in utilizing technology and other resources that significantly enhance productivity.

Getting organized:  I will get these gears spinning, but count on parent/guardian collaboration because maintenance happens at home. 

Working memory: I teach strategies to enhance information retention and processing, aiding tasks like following instructions and critical thinking.

While homework and projects set the agenda, conversation can turn to social-emotional matters including relations with teachers, classmates, and parents. My therapeutic approach often creates many positive ripple effects in the lives of my clients and their families. 

How do I do this?

Bigger projects with lots of moving parts are tricky.  Getting them done in an organized and timely  manner is a predictable challenge. These students are "lost in the procedures" and by providing mental blueprints, coupled with helpful tools and techniques, I teach more efficient ways of getting it all done. Often, students just need to be taught how. This shift paves the way for lasting academic and personal achievement.

Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marin
Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marinrvice-tech.png

Technology Services

While technology has become a vital component in many schools, it presents challenges such as managing multiple tabs, navigating text-dense pages, and organizing online information. Nonetheless, when paired with mental roadmaps for academic tasks, it can significantly benefit students. Mastering this integration demands patience, adaptability, and effective guidance. 


Introducing The Learning Lab: a high-tech, relaxed space where learning and organizational tasks meet structured practice using iPad apps, Chrome extensions, and productivity-enhancing features designed to bolster focus, confidence, and efficiency.

Fun, honestly

This can be some heavy stuff.  I’ve been around long enough to understand what’s going on, how to get everyone on the same page, and the importance of keeping it real -but also light. Anyone who has worked with me will agree: I tell it like it is, to students and parents alike. Many clients appreciate this combination of straight-talk and levity.

Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marin
Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marin

Academic Coaching Scheduling

Click here to see my availability.

In-person sessions at the Learning Lab are preferred because live sessions are more effective than meeting online, especially when goals are relate to executive function skills.  In certain circumstances I do schedule sessions via Google Meet.   

Weekly coaching sessions are either full 50-minutes or half sessions, which are 25-minutes. Full and/or half sessions can be scheduled in different combinations. I schedule in all US time zones. 

Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marin

“I wanted to let you know that (our son) has adjusted to middle school so much better than we expected. He is getting straight As and enjoying the new freedom of middle school. He’s playing an instrument for the first time in his life. This is his greatest challenge so far. Thank you for helping him get off to a great start.”
-Parent, 2023

Innovative learning Services, Student Coaching, Marin

A word about grades...

Local middle schools are wisely embracing standards-based feedback like work completion, organization, engagement, and independence. This emphasis on executive function skills, not grades, creates opportunities for goal setting, reflection, and trying new approaches, which aligns well with my coaching philosophy.

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