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Investing time and resources in professional development (PD) is significant. Having participated in numerous hours of teacher training, I recognize the importance of delivering PD that is not only effective but also engaging and meaningful.


Allow me to support and promote responsive change in mindsets and practices in your professional and parent communities.


"Dan, thank you so much.  The feedback was entirely and overwhelmingly positive.

The quote I heard repeated was "this was the best professional development I've been to.There is a lot of interest in a follow up!"       

-Organizer, Convent of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco.


Current Professional Development & Parent Education Projects 

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Thank you Town School for Boys for the invitation to speak to the parent community about Brene Brown's Atlas of the Heart on "Creating Connections: Neurodiversity as a Driver of Inclusion"

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Thank you Marin Primary & Middle School for the invitation to present to the Lower School Faculty on "Growth and Change from Within:  A DIY Co-Regulation Blueprint"

Thank you, Waldorf School of the Peninsula, for warmly welcoming my in-person professional development session in Fall, 2023 on "Neurodiversity Meets Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Mindsets and Scaffolds for All Kinds of Minds."

The invitation to return in 2024 highlights the enduring impact and relevance of the topic among the faculty. I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the WSP school community again in the New Year.

Past Presentations


Professional Development Scheduling

​Tailored professional development is available to address your specific needs in a variety of critical areas, including:  ​

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)

  • Parent and Family Engagement

  • Portfolio Assessment

With customizable sessions, we can collaborate to design PD experiences that best support your school community's goals and priorities.

Click here to schedule a Google Meet session to determine if my professional development services align with your organization's needs. 

"Dan, Thank you for your calm, well-thought-out, and informative presentation today at WSP. Your flexibility in letting the needs and interests of the group dictate the direction of the conversation was refreshing. I also enjoyed how you normalized using his/her/they in discussing students."

-Faculty member, Waldorf School of the Peninsula. 2023.

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