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An emerging trend in schools, especially among younger students, reveals difficulties with self-regulation. While some parents expect schools to address these challenges, it's important to recognize that self-regulation skills are heavily influenced by the home environment.  


I coach parents to embrace what's working and substitute undesirable family patterns with routines and interactions that enrich quality time at home, while also fostering self-regulation skills. The ripple effects of these changes extend outward, at home and in school. 

Why Coaching?

"Experts recommend that healthcare providers refer parents of children younger than 12 years old for training in behavior therapy. For children younger than 6 years old, parent training in behavior management should be tried before prescribing ADHD medication.

When parents become trained in behavior therapy, they learn skills and strategies to help their child with ADHD succeed at school, at home, and in relationships. Learning and practicing behavior therapy requires time and effort, but it has lasting benefits for the child and the family."

-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PATTERN People is a transformative coaching program for parents of kids in grades K-7.  This 1:1 program improves outcomes by helping parents:  


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  • Understand a simple, conceptual model of executive function skills as a waypoint for more adaptive routines and interactions.

  • Implement practices that promote stability and encourage positive behavior.

  • Embrace authoritative parenting: love, limits, consistency, communication, and repair.

  • Foster a sense of agency by setting and adhering to developmentally appropriate expectations.

  • Align parenting styles: coordinate priorities and methods for more favorable outcomes.​

You will learn to identify your family's reactive tendencies and opt for more constructive responses


Family Support Scheduling

  1. Click here to schedule a complimentary Google Meet session to determine if my services align with your family's needs. 

  2. If aligned, you'll receive a coaching agreement detailing the terms of our 10-session coaching relationship and a Discovery Form to provide details about your family's dynamics, challenges, goals, and needs. 

  3. Use the contact page to choose from available time slots or join the waitlist. 

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Executive Function in the HOUSE

Adults are hustling, doing their best to keep all the balls in the air.  Amidst the grind, routines gradually establish themselves: chaotic bedtimes, tricky mornings, bumpy transitions, and poor communication can become the norm.  These ingrained patterns, over time, influence lots of dynamics.  Do you observe these tricky moments happening with greater frequency?  Want to shift gears?  You have landed in the right place!

"I'm catching the kids being good a lot more. And I'm thinking about predictable scenarios at home.  I'm way less reactive. Thank you!"

-Parent, San Mateo

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