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Diverse Minds. Quirky Learners. Neuro-Spicy.

Society is growing more attuned to people who think and learn differently. Yet, there are inherent challenges that come with neurodiversity, particularly when kids bump up against traditional educational settings, ways of measuring knowledge, and busy home routines.


With thirty years of experience, my holistic approach addresses challenges associated with ADHD, ASD, and LDs and offers practical solutions that improve outcomes for kids, families, and organizations.



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I coach students of all ages, but focus on interventions for students in elementary and middle school, building skills and confidence with the intention of interrupting predictable patterns and potentially preventing related challenges in high school, when teenagers crave more independence.  


In the midst of hectic schedules, patterns linked to chaotic bedtimes, tricky mornings, and bumpy transitions gradually establish themselves, sending ripples through the family. Do you notice these challenging moments influencing the family's mood more than you'd like?


Welcome to PAUSE People! Our mission is to help parents pause reactivity, turning everyday moments into opportunities to improve your family's life quality. Click here for details on our online support group for parents of neurodivergent kids.


Schools face a challenge in finding engaging, actionable professional development that effectively addresses the needs of neurodiverse students and faculty, constituting approximately 15-20% of the school population.

My husband and I are so grateful for Dan’s assistance in updating and improving our approach to homeschooling my sensitive 13-year-old with ADHD. ‘Coach Dan’ lends a calming, accepting, and knowledgeable voice in every meeting.
-Parent, 2023

I design programs that improve outcomes related to:


  • Writing-related stress & avoidance

  • Weak math foundations  

  • Emotional regulation in challenging situations 

  • Sustaining attention on non-preferred tasks  

  • Disorganized spaces and mindsets.

My focus is on reshaping unproductive reactions that develop over time in both children and adults, substituting them with constructive beliefs, skills, and behaviors. While recognizing the importance of underlying causes or diagnoses, I prioritize addressing recurring challenges at school and home to enhance the overall quality of family life.

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