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Academic, executive function programs 1:1 & small groups; assistive technology plans 


1:1 parent coaching for home-based Executive Function & ADHD supports 


PAUSE People: online pods for parents of elementary and middle school-aged kids 

In-person, customized  

programs for schools and organizations  

-Summer, 2024-

Diary of an Organized Kid!

Back by popular demand, this all-new, 3-day workshop offers a fun and engaging approach to teaching essential skills and mindsets for success in middle school and beyond. Through TED Talks, YouTube videos, and movie clips from Diary of a Wimpy Kid students will participate in lively activities designed to support their academic, organizational, social, emotional, and developmental needs. 


Participants will delve into:

  • Executive function skills: Beyond academic tasks, these skills are essential for overall quality of life.

  • Organizational skills: Students will explore various low and high-tech strategies, tools, and techniques to enhance their learning and study habits.

  • Peer pressure: Understanding its impact on behavior and decision-making, along with practical strategies to resist it.

  • Mindsets: Recognizing limiting beliefs and learning how to shift them to foster growth and opportunity.

  • Effective communication with parents and teachers: Learning practical strategies for calm problem-solving and understanding.

  • Technology and screen time: Understanding the risks of excessive screen time on cognitive growth and attention span. Students will learn more about the importance reasonable limits and receive practical tools, such as contracts and communication strategies to establish healthier habits, collaboratively with parents.


Check back for more information or use the contact form to be added to the email list when registration opens.

When: weeks of August 5th, 12th, and 19th
Where: Larkspur Community Center 
Each session is comprised of 3 morning classes. 
Classes meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

Dan Leibowitz, M.Ed.,M.Sped.,C.E.T.

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  • Credentialed teacher and certified Educational Therapist 

  • Academic/Executive Function coach

  • Parent coach

  • Professional development

  • Assistive technology specialist 

I am an Educational Consultant in Marin County, California with 30 years of experience helping students who think outside the lines reach their potential.  


I coach parents to reexamine home environments and interactions in new ways that promote positive ripple effects: self-reliance, adaptability, resilience, cooperation, and smoother operations in general. This improves families’ functioning and quality of life.

Uplifting All Kinds of Minds & Families since 1995
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"I thought you had a lovely way of treating (our son) with respect, sprinkling some fun in, and holding lines." -Parent, 2024


Office/Learning Lab

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Located next to Marin General Hospital, The Learning Lab, my work space, is equipped with multiple large screens, lots of resources, and ample room to get work done, comfortably.  It’s a flexible space for 1:1 coaching, family meetings, and small groups of up to 4 students. When it’s time to work, students plug devices into large screens, an environmental feature that boosts focus and engagement.

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