Innovative Learning Services specializes in leveraging technology to strengthen executive function skills and develop critical academic and real-world skills: writing, reading comprehension, organizing, time and project management, task initiation and more. Technology is less the "solution" than it is a key component of improved learning and organizational systems that help students get organized and show what they know, more effectively and efficiently than they could have imagined.  

The research of Drs. Thomas Brown, Adam Cox, Russell Barkely and others points to four core competencies that are impacted by weak executive function.
1. Self-regulation: Thinking and acting in a goal-directed manner
2. Time management: Getting out of the present
3. The procedure: learning new, more effective methods to accomplish tasks
4. Emotional regulation: using them to sustain, not derail, effort
Using this framework, Innovative Learning Services helps clients better understand their developing minds, while teaching them the ways in which better tools and strategies can improve a range of outcomes.

My name is Dan Leibowitz, founder of Innovative Learning Services and a certified teacher with advanced degrees in general and special education and a Certificate in Educational Therapy. I love what I do and with fifteen years of experience working with Bay Area students and people of all ages, I specialize in helping them identify and implement technology-oriented systems that:

  •          Get started: use writing templates to plan, organize and complete narrative and expository paragraphs
  • Keep track of it all: plan and organize assignments, projects and materials 
  • Save time and energy: transfer thoughts to the computer with much greater ease and efficiency 
  • Improve written expression: organize and elaborate on ideas, apply conventions, develop fluency and variety
  • Manage time: know what's coming and take action, sooner 
  • Prioritize: identify what's most pressing and methods for getting it done
  • Self-Advocate: communicate with teachers and others in supportive roles

In this website you will find further information about my techniques, successes, workshops and how I support individuals of all ages in working through challenging tasks to the best of their abilities. 

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Summer 2014: Diary of a More Organized Kid -San Francisco & Marin locations

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" His freshmen year at USF, (our son) went from being a philosophy student who had great difficulty organizing his thoughts and writing essays, to a student who gets consistently high grades and positive comments on his written work. Dan advised him on how to advocate for himself in the classroom and fostered his independence by showing him how to move forward on his own.
-N.M., San Francisco